Radio Recording From The Vietnam War - Recon Team Ambushed (1/3)
This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT's) who are in dire straits. Both RT's are loosi...
published: 09 Jan 2011
author: bk5223
Vietnam War Public Radio Broadcast Collection
Having an interest in listening to old time radio here is a collection of arranged audio e...
published: 17 Apr 2011
Vietnam Radio - Egoizm
Georgian Band....
published: 31 May 2011
author: MsMadeInUSA
Vietnam radio - intro
live at london pub....
published: 04 Feb 2008
author: onoffproject
Vietnam War Radio Chatter- Gunship Taking Fire
This radio chatter is from a group of gunship pilots (Hueys I presume) who are operating i...
published: 11 Dec 2011
author: johnsmith
Vietnam Radio Chatter
US ground forces call in an airstrike against a hostile treeline. You can hear the radioma...
published: 02 Jul 2012
author: johnsmith
Vietnam DJ Dave Rabbit Recorded Live in Vietnam 1971 Underground Radio First Termer
I was given this tape in the 80s by the soldier who recorded this while on tour in Vietnam...
published: 07 Apr 2013
Vietnam War Radio Chatter- Contact
Hello folks, I bring you another Vietnam War radio chatter audio. In this case, a group of...
published: 11 Dec 2011
author: johnsmith
Radio Bunker - 01 - Garage Rock from the Vietnam Era.
"Because it's easier to wait for the VCs when the radio is on" 00:06 The Remaining Few - W...
published: 20 May 2012
AFVN (Armed Forces Vietnam Network)
The Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN)provided US soldiers with radio and television prog...
published: 08 Nov 2007
author: borntowander
Vietnam War Combat Radio Audio
Please Comment. Another Radio Audio from the Vietnam War I have. It's unclear whats going ...
published: 09 Dec 2008
author: Tlax13
Real Vietnam Radio
Radio Lai Khe and Gunship talk added to pic's....
published: 29 Jan 2009
author: slimelips
Vietnam War Ambush Audio Part 1
This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT's) who are in dire straits. Both RT's are loosi...
published: 07 Dec 2008
author: johnsmith
Opie & Anthony: Dave Rabbit's Underground Vietnam Radio (02/20-02/21/08)
Opie discovers a tape of Dave Rabbit, who had an underground radio show during the Vietnam...
published: 21 Jul 2013
author: Jasonayeiter
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Vietnam Idol 2013 - Radio - Đông Hùng
Chương trình "Thần tượng Âm nhạc - Vietnam Idol" là một chương trình Truyền hình Thực tế s...
published: 29 Dec 2013
Vietnam Radio Chatter- Sapper Attack
American FO comes under attacks by Vietcong sappers who have breached the wire. American N...
published: 02 Jul 2012
author: Tlax13
Battlefield Vietnam Radio - Fortunate Son
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam is an expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 an...
published: 28 Jun 2013
author: Blackhawk74
Vietnam Radio Communication Vietnam Radio Communication
NG Brown author of Blue Max Missions and Memories recounts one of the most fascinating inc...
published: 29 Feb 2008